Monday, March 21, 2011

Tunisia the match of sun and sea

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Tunisia's most popular tourist destination of Mediterranean coast Monasteer city where European tourists' lives in the line-up throughout the year. Most tourists comes Monasteer for sun soaking and relaxing. That made the hotel their coast appears quite a crowd - bikini wearing women and men wearing boxer. One side of the ocean waves are raising, on the other hand a large number of tourists seem to have sun bath.  Here, tourist take a dip in the swimming pool or sea exists for water sports boats and enjoy parachute and then come down on padded chairs are relaxed.
Past in the mirror
Tunisia's people are polite and accommodating large. Submitted immediately to help, but difficulty is that they do not understand English - speak. They either speak Arabic or French both. Tunisia is an Arab country, which was conquered by France in the year 1881 and eight - nine decades, he maintained it your colony. So after the national Arabic language French is the second book. These two languages ​​appear on all signs.
Three thousand years in the history of Tunisia at the Finishian, Roman, Arab and Turkish is a right. So there six cultures friendship get to see the later the French arrived, so their influence is today more than ever. Tunisia and France as it happens with most of the business. The country has plenty of oil, even though modern technology to produce nuclear energy as France they are provided.
Tunisia's President Jain, AL - Abidin Ben Ali last 23 years are at the office. It is a corner of the country where he felt happy to exchange the big picture is not. Yes, his face on the national currency is the dinar. A dinar on coin olive (olive) fruit was plucking woman appears. Total population in this country is seven times more olive trees. Tunisia olive oil in addition to the tourism industry is the largest industry. It is the only local consumption, export is too much.
In the month of April in Tunisia during the day is not much heat, not cold at night more. Not too much rain. Africa and the Mediterranean coasts of the northern territory of the pleasant and healthy climate of the country's huge attraction. But the truth is that Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Algeria and Morocco, countries like Tunisia, the world's largest desert resort is nestled along. The African continent the latter but little - the only desert in the south of the countries spread-eagles.
Resort and recreation
In Tunisia's history those three thousand years and six civilizations to the mix sound, lighting and acting is a wonderful program presented by. Monasteer near Madina Al Jhra tourists a little - little grandstand built village. Roman theater in a very large field (Kolejiam) and Open Air Theatre found - as in seeing extremely attractive combination in which sound and light program to meet a hundred actors and dozens horse. Made a fortress wall in the background are yellow, opening and closing the curtain on the stage too. The program is in English and French commentary. All programs and sounds-the-art laser light has been cast in the picturesque confluence. I have seen many sites sound and light program, but Tunisia hypothesis likes this program and no comparison of combination.
Two thousand years ago in Tunisia remains of the Roman era and also the eighth century the Arab era. Roman era is the most protected place called Gem Theatre al. Similarly, after Saudi Arabia Cahruane world's oldest mosque in the city remains, as the former Roman temple has changed. Cahruane is also famous for carpets.

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