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South Africa: from mountains to sea

South Africa is the land of many historical conflicts. Conflicts have made country full of expectations. Even expect to win it on apartheid or the earth to sustain the peculiar natural asset. Between these conflicts and expectations in the minds of tourist spot has set a new South Africa. From the natural sight seen to the intoxicating second in the world all by delivering the wine are very popular among tourists.

Cape Town tourist choice

Cape Town
Located at the southern tip of the continent of South Africa's Cape Town is the oldest city. So the country is called the Mother City. Dutch East India Company settles the city'. East India Company built it as a supply station for the Dutch ships were in East Africa, India and the Far. Now it is one of the favorite places of tourists. Here you can taste a different kind of wine by Visit Cape Wine land... If you are not fond of wine, then the wonderful sight of Table Mountain can see the world. Cape Point or Cape of Good Hope nature reflects a glimpse of the drama - the new hope of Good Hope and Cape Point Cape graveyard of ships. To go to Cape Point Chapman's Peak ten kilometers apparently is going to be amazing. Kirstenbosch the botanical garden or a beautiful beach - Cape Town's beauty is a big adorable.

Intoxicated Wine land

Even if you never taste the wine, but curiosity will be the same in mind that this is where and how to get ready? Robertson Wine Valley Wine in South Africa related to answer your many questions. Here you can crush your feet under the black grapes, or horse riding at highest point you can see the intoxicating Wine land view. Or can enjoy relaxed river cruise to go down to the Breede River. You will realize to coming here how to enjoy holidays in Wine yard. Great time to visit here is the harvest. Local dance singing, stories of the wine all are held at that time.

Beautiful Garden Route

Garden rout
Garden Route of South Africa is generally harmony of modern golf courses, ancient forests, hermit artist communities, retirement estates, modern malls, craft centers, mountain hideouts and holidays on the fantastic beaches. The root of the main road from Heidelberg in southern Cape Eastern Cape is the way to the border Storms River Village. Even the full path of the Garden Route is glimpse of the beauty, but then the real fun in the hidden places on small roads, which differ little from the main road. Something similar called the world's ostrich capital, the Oudtshoorn figured on the Garden Route. If stay you very near the coast on the Garden Route keep the eyes towards the ocean, particularly near Plettenberg Bay where whales and dolphins will be seen. Shortly before the Garden Route National Park established with a view to meet the multiple ecosystem.

Magic of Blyde River Canyon Reserve

Blyde River Canyon 
This rare miracle of nature can be said. The world's third largest canyon (Pass) is here. In this pass unguarded beauty engulfs. Total 29 thousand hectares spread around the reserve is adjacent to Kruger National Park. It is a particular reason that tourists prefer to see these two places together. Canon itself is 50 kilometers long. Many natural wonder of the world come to the reserve, which runs at the start of Canon Borcs luck Poohols (made wonderful hole in the rocks), Canon made at the end of three Rondaals (three straight vertical round rocks), Pinnekal Rock (direct vertical large rock) and Gods Window (God's window - it is a wonderful mountain included). The interesting thing is that all these natural wonders can be seen easily on walking on the road.  Thousand species of vegetation in the reserve, many of them are rare that does not get so many elsewhere in the world. No less amazing wildlife here. This taita falcon eagle is very few to see. Moreover, rare species such as monkeys can be seen here like Samango monkey, ververt monkey, chacma Baboon.

Roban Island Cellular Jail

Roban Island
Roban Island holds special place in the history of South Africa's cellular jail. Half-hour boat ride and then a half hour while on the island (including the 45-minute bus tour) South Africans against apartheid narrates the saga of the war. The fight against apartheid, people were put here and here, Mandela, sishulu, leaders like Mbeki made his steely resolutions and post-apartheid South Africa's concept hatched. That is one of the World Heritage Sites. It is said that some time was connected via the ground Roban Island Mainland.

Kruger National Park game Reserve

Kruger National Park
South Africa’s Kruger National Park is one of the biggest reasons to attract the Tourists. It is considered one of Africa's largest game reserves. Idea of ​​its magnitude can be gauged from the fact that the dispersion 360 km from north to south and 65 kilometers from east to west. Mammals, 147 species of animals are here. Reptiles 114 species of animals, including crocodiles are among more than three thousand. The idea here would be how many animals can be gauged from the fact that the park about 12 thousand elephants, three thousand sea horses, Empalas 90 thousand, 27 thousand African buffalo, giraffe almost 18 thousand to five thousand Zebras. This is the home of thousands of lions, cheetahs, leopards, rhinos and hyenas. There are nine main gates to entrance to the park. No where else will get a better thrill in Jungle and Safari. All kinds of experience are here to stay and hang out arrangements.

Gold out of Johannesburg

This is the Cosmopolitan of South Africa and the chaos filled the city of history, can be easily seen from its glance. Even with the discovery of gold in 1886 settled the town. That's why it is called City of Gold. There was used to be huge Grassland Where Johannesburg is today, Today the world's largest man - made forests is in  The Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden Grassland share some of the original is still preserved, is famous for more than 120 species of birds. If you want to Visit South Africa's historic sites with Adventures can ride on the Mystery Ghost Bus. But definitely visit the Storchphontoen Valley in Johannesburg. This place is called the cradle of human civilization. Valley also has the honor of being World Heritage.

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