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Visit Kandy:Refreshing & Mystic tour to Sri Lanka

Nature near populated Candy
In terms of tourism and when Sri Lanka is a matter of Colombo in the minds of the tourists, Gaul, the name of Trincomalee Jaffna or raises. These are all major cities along the sea. So it comes to places like only those people who are obsessed with the ocean waves. Kandy in the island country such a beautiful hill station. Here the climate is quite different, which is a charming Romaniyh.
Kandy's Sinhalese name general Neuvara, ie great city. In fact, her name is Kandy Apabhramsa English Tamil name. It is true hill station of Sri Lanka is the Neuvara Elia sea more than six thousand feet is the altitude. This hill station is very close to Kandy. Kandy often revolving around tourists also take the same Neuvara Elia.
Colonial glance
Kandy is located at high altitude to sea, so the two side valleys of strategic monitoring could. That is the reason that the first kings and later the Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial rulers as the center of power is important.  So the old buildings in these cities get to see glimpses of colonial times.
Nestled in the hills above the valley of the capital of the country's longest Kandy. Sri Lanka ruling royal family who are here to control the entire island nation. Kandy political power than the country's religious faith is the center. So in many ways more important than Kandy is considered the capital Colombo.
Buddha's tooth
Sri Lanka Kandy is a lot of religious significance. It has a tooth of Gautama Buddha, therefore, a sacred place for Buddhists around the world, too. After the departure of myths according to Sri Buddha His funeral Kushinagar (Uttar Pradesh) was in the lobby by the Arhat from his funeral pyre of their teeth by removing the king gave Brahmadutt.The teeth of India's first several years. Which it was believed that the tooth would Prtikaaswroop Gautam Buddha, he had the power to rule the country. Aldi Aldaeyon the number of teeth in that time. He left as a result of these teeth - prevents, Chipt - Sri Lanka reached the hides.This year is between 328 to 301. Although Sri Lanka has changed in several places the teeth. Anuradhapur, Polonarua, Dambadenia, Yapahua, Kurunegala, Aratnpur etc. long it was. Now the candy is in the palace compound where the magnificent temple built for him. Sun of the Portuguese attack in 1603 while Duanbara it moved, but later rose again this candy. Since then it's here.
Every year from July to August due to the Kandy name Parahera great party make it out of the temple complex is Humaaya in Ashherbhar.The party dressed - Dhje elephants for the parade is famous around the world. The funny thing is that now anyone Nehianmilt to see the teeth. That's because the tooth is placed in a beautiful carved mold.So it is when the party pulled out all the philosophy are the same carved mold. The temple of the tooth of the Buddha in Sri Lanka today, domestic - foreign tourists visit the places at the top of the list, which means that Sri Lanka is the first tourist spot. Sri Lanka's two main Buddhist monastery of votes in the candy.
Palaces - museums of the city
Currently exists with temple part of the castle remains Archaeological Museum. Queen's castle built on the hill in front of the lake these days is the National Museum. Scored in the 18th century at the southern end of Lake Mlwatte beautiful 17th century monastery and the hill is near Asgiria Vihar, many old manuscripts are kept safe. Kandy made from a lake in the middle of the city's beauty, too. Boganbara it not natural lake. It, the last king of Kandy was built in the 19th century, the early years. Temple of Buddha's teeth one end of the lake, the local language Adaalada Maligawa says, is to reckon with. The temple is Aroneka and increasing. A small castle in the middle of the lake is probably the king of summer comfort will be made to spend a few moments. Pedestrian walk way around the lake is made. Feeling of a walk in the shadows of trees by the lake - something some of our Nainital Naini Lake is like, although many trees full of bats hanging upside you will but they do not scare you. This lake of candy are some of the most luxurious hotels, many of which are Dutch and British period. Many of these memories of that era is brilliantly saved, see that tourists arrive. Also here is the main market.
Sinahlioan the traditional music and dance tradition of the Kandy is safe. That's why in 1998 the UNESCO World Heritage List included the candy.
Nature Njdiqiaan
Reaching the candy itself is very exciting. Summed up the Kandy by the British in their time of the railway line had been added, but the road from Colombo to go the way Kandy is something else. Spice Garden, Pinnawala elephant sanctuary through Mahavelly river - to visit with the Kandy eyes and mind is both relaxed Pehuanchati. If you go with candy candy University Neuvara Elia are the beautiful campus, you are entering the world of tea plantations. The Sri Lankan tea is famous around the world, its all in the way of plantation Neuvara Elia. From here forward you with fresh tea Chuskioan can decide your way.Neuvara of candy on the way will be on his way to see the beautiful natural waterfalls, which in any way try to tie is not.
Witness to History Candy
Referring to the Ramayana of Sri Lanka to talk to come naturally. The location of several events related to Ramayana in Sri Lanka have been identified. Elia Neuvara of candy on the way to a famous temple of Lord Hanuman has to. Ahianneuvara the Sita Eliya Temple. It is said that the Sita temple is the spot where the Ashoka Garden used to be.Ram Bhakta Hanuman Temple near the rocks to find traces of the feet are inserted.
Greenery and the way
Another specialty is the greenery of candy there. Mountbatten's headquarters during World War II in Paaradenia Gardens used to be. It is the only Sri Lanka's largest botanical garden, botanical garden with so much variety in India hardly get to see. Diversified the trees, plants, vines, drugs, flowers, Bonsai - so many very amazing rare. I even saw several trees of which thrilled used to imagine. In an era royal gardens used to be. Spread over 147 acres on the banks of the river Mahavelly the botanical garden more than three hundred varieties of orchids. Had the same kind of tree is also known for touching the sky. Every year 12 million people come to see it. 14 Vinsdi originates from the garden, but two hundred years ago the British at the time it got its diversity.But here the nature of this kind of climate is more responsive to flourish.
Kandy in the middle of the city in response to another forest temple that Udawatta bananas (forest) is called. Kandy worth seeing many temple and monastery, which is a Vishnu temple. It's fairly popular in cricket stadium tourists.
Fact file
1. Colombo, 115 km from the sea 465 meters away and is situated at an altitude candy.
2. Kandy in the July-August due to the party appeared out of Buddha's teeth is adjusted to the temple complex.
3. It spreads over 147 acres of botanical garden, where more than three hundred varieties of orchids can be seen.
4. Kandy ruling was the last king, Sri Vikrama Rajasinha.
When to go: surrounded by the sea around Sri Lanka Yun So any tourist can walk, but in terms of tourism season of November to April is considered the most brilliant.
How to go: to India, Delhi and Mumbai airports from candy to Colombo daily flights are available. From here, Jet Airways, Jet Lite, Kingfisher Airlines, and Air India's flights can Srilncne Cylins. Private taxi or train to Colombo next to candy than you can reach.

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