Thursday, March 24, 2011

Visit Boston:Dream City In USA

It is one of the oldest cities in America, stands proudly beside a spectacular natural harbor, and remains one of the country's best attractions.

Although it is only a relatively short in U.S. terms drive or train ride from New York, not Boston wilting of the long shadow of his older neighbor Brasher. In fact, the largest city in New England is a far better commitment to the tourists on the lookout for a vibrant fusion of old and new, historic and modern. The above is evident not only in the city very well preserved monuments and parks, but in its people , born centuries of immigration mostly from Ireland, but also Syria and Lebanon - while the latter is evident in the skyscrapers that line the Charles River. It is a city has a bit of everything for aspiring visitors enjoyed: a lively arts scene, unique attractions of the family, sports in abundance and one of the best culinary reputations United States. It is a city that changes its personality approves the change of seasons. Although beautiful in spring, believe it is best to visit the event filled holiday season, which bursts into life in mid-November and lasts until the fireworks signal the dawn of the New Year.
If you like nothing more than  a party that is sure Boston on March 17, better known people with Irish blood as St. Patrick's Day. About 16% of the city's population is of Irish descent and the great day that celebrate in style with the famous parades - to march band wealth attracting more than six one hundred thousand revelers happy. 
What to see in Boston
If you're in town with children,just go to the great Franklin Zoo, for an exhibitions of the world’s best gorilla amid a host of other animals.

Followed by a morning trip New England Aquarium in a four-story tank shows all kinds of colorful fish. It is something of an understatement to say that Bostonians love their sport. 

The city ​​ the Boston Red Sox, fierce devotion and a visit to team Fenway Park to capture a ball game is not an experience be missed. Just tell the person beside you that despise New York Yankees - the Red Sox archrivals - and you welcomed with open arms. JFK is the most famous of Boston son and the city remains immensely proud of the former U.S. President almost 50 years of his murder. 

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum celebrates its unique thousand days in office through stills many films, memories and books.

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