Monday, June 20, 2011

Best Places to Travel in October

India is a dream destination that rewards every traveler with her endless tourist attractions. India offer a range of contrasts - from seas along the coasts to high mountain ranges on Himalayas, from tropical to the Thar Desert in Rajasthan, from coral islands in Lakshadweep to icy glaciers in the Ladakh, India presents a vast range of travel options to the courageous traveler. If you want to experience the magic of India October is the best month to visit, when the heat of summer is no more. At this month, the generally wet areas of Northeast also become dry, making it easier to travel there..


Bali is famous for its extended fresh beaches and crystal clear water. Bali is a tropical island and because of this, you can pretty much visit Bali anytime of the year. You should avoid traveling to Bali on high or peak season. The month of October marks the rainy season in Bali which means it isn't a high season making it all the more cheaper and less touristy. Kuta and Legian are very convenience places to stay in Bali You can find almost any kind of hotels from budget to 5stars ones along Kuta and Legian area where the clubs,cafes,resto and bars are also there. Its very accessible as you can also walk down to the beach and very easy to get to shopping store etc.


Spain is also recognized world wide for its superb beaches and resorts and the cities like Tenerife, Málaga or Benidorm attract millions of tourists every year. For those who like sunshine but don't like intense heat, October might be the best time for to visit Spain. October is the best times to visit Madrid, mainly in the first half of the month. Temperatures should be pleasantly warm and rain is rare.This month offer a relief from the crowds, and is an ideal time to take a quieter trip to Spain.

Los Angeles

This place is known for its vast beaches and it is the best time to visit LA before beginning of winter. Los Angeles also popular for its entertainment industry and tourist attractions like a prosperous art culture, numerous parks and zoos, famous scenic views along Mulholland Drive and the well known Beverly Hills. Its crazy weather makes LA a best place to visit in October.


Hawaii presents a number of islands to visit and explore, to let visitors to enjoy swimming, surfing, whale watching, boat riding and much more. If you doubt which the best places to visit in October is, Hawaii is the best choice. The end of April and beginning of October are quite good for best weather, least crowds, and lowest costs. October is the hot months but there is only a 10° difference between winter and summer, so the weather is great here all the time.


Venezuela is a beautiful tourist destination for beaches and thrilling places to see. The weather condition in Venezuela is tropical, with wet and dry seasons rather than hot and cold. Basically all year with the most popular months being October to April when it is cold in North America and people need a break from the winter. Whether it's the capital Andean Merida, the possibilities for October fun are endless: swimming, shopping, sightseeing and more.


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