Saturday, June 11, 2011

Best places for honeymoon in the world

Honeymoon is a significant part of the newlywed couples where they can express their true love and it is simply a first step of romantic life from where they start new life. When planning for honeymoon how to find Best places for honeymoon among so many scattered around the world? It is not always easy to make the correct choice. Who is looking for Best places for honeymoon? Discover the Best romantic destinations worldwide to help plan your first romantic vacation

Paris, France

If you are looking for the most romantic and stunning honeymoon of your life, plan for your honeymoon in Paris The City of Lights”. You can enjoy a romantic cruise for the two of you. The Cruises in Paris include the lovely glass ships. Aboard the ship, you will enjoy nature at its best, as well as fine wine and dining. Known as the "city of love", Paris has been a desired destination for couples. With so many breathtaking landmarks, delicious wining and dining opportunities, Paris became the, Best places for honeymoon so if you're looking to treat your special someone to something special, Paris should be number one on the list. 

Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal in India, a perfect symbol of love, a beautiful creation by the man, its beauty is beyond the scope of word. It is a immortal sign of showing your love to your beloved.  It looks more fascinating on full moon night when you hold hands of your beloved and the night passes-by unknowingly bringing in the romantic sun bath in shades of pink at twilight. Find yourself why it is so the ultimate proof in stone of the power of love.

Venice, Italy

One of the most romantic destinations of the world, Venice is also dubbed as one of the cities to visit before dying. However, Venice is particularly renowned as lovers' retreats. Venice, for instance, boasts beautiful canals, gondola rides, and breathtaking spots like Piazza San Marco. There are countless romantic spots to woo couples in Venice. No other destination you can find like Venice in the world; romantic, mysterious, and beautiful. For those who is seeking to experience the romance combine with cultural experience, you should visit to Venice to make your honeymoon memorable. 

 Bora Bora, France

Bora Bora symbolizes one of the most ideal honeymoons. When a couple chooses to have honeymoons in Bora Bora, they are definitely in for a treat and will have found a great way to find romance. This island is situated in French Polynesia and is the most renowned island for new wedding couples on their Honey moon trip. This Island is really heaven with striking locations and what else you need to spend some moments with your beloved on such a romantic place.

Bali ,Indonesia

 Bali has become one of the Best places for honeymoon on earth, a beautiful island in Indonesia. Bali is well-known for beautiful rice terraces, sun kissed beaches, tropical forests and active volcanoes. Wherever you go and whatever you do, Bali will surprise you with unforgettable honeymoon experiences.  Bali is a destination in which you will definitely experience lost without having to worry about your daily life and exploring a fully different way of life.  Discover and enjoy stunning islands and spots of Bali in your honeymoon.

Rome, Italy

Rome is the home of great lovers like Casanova, Romeo and Juliet, has the numbers of striking romantic lanes, restaurants and parks. However, lovers may find that crowds can be off-putting, and the tourist industry leads them away from the quainter local corners. Known as the Eternal City, Rome can truly live up to that status every single time. The intimate atmosphere of Rome provides a exceptional essence of love and romance to all new weddings couples and honeymooners.

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