Thursday, June 2, 2011

Visit Jordan:The Pearl of the Middle East

If you are scheduling to take a trip abroad for a vacation, be sure to put Jordan as one of the destinations you would choose in your checklist. Jordan is one of the most stunning places on world to visit and if you want a trip abroad then you must give it consideration. Whether you like the rich ancient history or the busy progressive cities, you will be drawn to Jordan’s famous attractions.

Jordan places to visit

There are Lots of places to visit in Jordan, but some of the most popular are the Crusader castle at Kerak, Nabatean Petra and beautiful Wadi Rum to name only a few.

Visit Amman Jordan

A visit to the capital city of Amman is an absolute must in tour itinerary. Jordan's capital Amman is an old city with historical sites like the ancient Citadel hill and modern Arabic life. Built on seven hills, Amman, is the most oldest cities in the world, though modern, whose significant archaeological remains of Roman, Byzantine and Umayyed civilisations prove its own ancient substance and majesty with an undeniable historic past. 

Visit Petra

No visit to Jordan will be complete without seeing the enchanting city of Petra is also a World Heritage Site and receives thousands of visitors every year. It is believe that Petra is one of the most significant historical cities in our world. Petra, the famous rock city, is located in the south of Jordan, and was created by the Nabataean Arabs

Visit Dead Sea Jordan

 The Dead Sea is one of the most spectacular natural, lowest points on earth and spiritual landscapes in the whole world. This salty Dead Sea is popular for luxury hotels, spa treatments and as conference venue. The visitor enjoys a short 30 minutes drive from Amman, to reach this exclusive spot, surrounded by a landscape and arid hills.
A unique blend of several factors makes Dead Sea's total tourist attraction: the chemical composition of its water, the filtered sunrays and oxygen-rich air, the mineral-rich black mud along the seashore, and the neighbouring fresh water and thermal mineral springs.

Visit Aqaba

You can experience some of the best snorkelling and diving of the world in Aquaba. There are a number of dive centres in Aqaba, offer well-maintained diving kit, professional instructors, and transport by boat to a variety of dive sites. all the deep sea wonders can be viewed through a glass-bottomed boat or by submarine for those who prefer to keep their feet dry,, or you can just relax under the sun on the resort’s sandy beaches. A enthralling history with some outstanding sites, outstanding hotels and activities, excellent visitor services, superior shopping, and welcoming, friendly people, who enjoy nothing more than making sure their visitors have a good time.

The best time to visit climate-wise is in March to May and September to November. April is possibly the best month to visit Jordan when temperatures are warm and wildflowers are in bloom. March can be cold and rainy in the north but is pleasant by the Gulf of Aqaba and the Dead Sea

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  1. Jordan looks amazing however I think a lot of people are unsure about travelling to the middle east at the moment.