Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Best places for solo Travellers

There are some travelers who think that travelling alone is the best experience to see the world with their own outlook. If you travel alone, you do exactly as you want that there is no one else with you and No one who’s wishes and needs you have to consider when you want to spend the day at your hotel in bed reading excursion brochures or gloomy Thomas Bernhard. Here is the list of best places where you’re solo travelling will become a rewarding experience.

Costa Rica

Solo Traveller can enjoy in Costa lovely tropical beaches, the grandest adventures, the wonders of nature, scintillating culture, all the necessary components of an ideal vacation. The country that emerges as both the safest and the happiest in the world turns out to be the place that thousands of tourists have made Costa Rica their top travel choice. Costa Rica is an excellent country for solo travellers. It is a safe, small and fun country where solo travellers can enjoy different activities joining other groups of people, getting to know the culture and interacting one on one with the Costa Rican people.. A single woman in Costa Rica can feel comfortable and secure when travelling as a member of a single tour or group, with the possibility to split costs and room expenses if they find someone along the way with whom to share expenses and thoughts on their travel. You are only alone if you wish to be, but in fact in Costa Rica people are very warm and friendly, and you will always find someone to talk to.


Vietnam is popular among the daring and independent solo traveller. Vietnam is safe from threat of terrorism. You can take out comprehensive travel and medical insurance before travelling Vietnam. Tourism is only just catching on in this country so while there are many travel opportunities, it's useful to have a trusty guidebook and a patient attitude to help get the most out of your time in Vietnam. For every main attraction, you can bet there’s probably a budget tour for it, as tour operators are everywhere, vying for your business and ready to aid your travel needs. Whatever your budget might be Vietnam is a dream destination. Vietnam is geographical multiplicity that allows the traveller to go in a quite short distance from sunny beaches to foggy mountains. In This economical travel destination exchange money becomes an instant millionaire Food is easy to find for solo traveller. The Vietnamese cuisine is very delicious and  it  is considered one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide.


Though it floats out there in the North Atlantic, Iceland is part of Europe and is just as modernized as any Western European country. Iceland's a great place to go solo traveller whether you want to bike around Iceland for a week alone as part of you round the world trip or stay in Reykjavik and do some light-adventure day trips. Crime in Iceland is extremely low even the police don’t even carry guns. Iceland expects to be energy independent by 2050 and has the highest number of broadband internet connections, per capital, of any country in the world. Solo travel is quite economical in Iceland. Perhaps Lodging is expensive in the Iceland but most hotels charge very much less for single rooms than for doubles. Hostels are a popular budget lodging choice in Iceland and, if you’re willing to share a dorm room with a few other people, quite affordable.Iceland offers plenty to do for the single traveller.

New Zealand

 New Zealand is best place for solo traveller, a place with many experiences, adventures, open spaces, fun places and sheer beauty..New Zealand is the Adventure Capital of the World, so it's no surprise that there's a vast range of activities to choose from; go bungy jumping, hop onboard a jet boat and shoot down winding rivers or enjoy an incredible hike through one of 14 National Parks. New Zealand's majestic mountains also provide for world-class skiing and snowboarding in the winter. One option is to camp. Hostels away from the cities and large urban areas will generally allow you camp in their grounds. If you are not prepared to share a dorm with strangers then you'll be spending a lot more money.

Tunisia is one of our top spots a Mediterranean coastline with warm waters, desert activities, as well as lively markets, cities and a long colourful history, Tunisia is a highlight of North Africa As a solo destination. This country is an independent traveller's dream destination Tunisia can be explored via an excellent transportation system of collective taxis, which are an opportunity to meet locals and like-minded travellers. Tunisia people are very sociable and friendly of solo travellers, and there is little hassle for women travelling alone; a pleasant contrast to other destinations of the region. Most hotels have a selection of single, twin and triple rooms. Prices may be negotiable for solo travellers. Here you can find First class, very comfortable hotel with many facilities and Great location, right on a long, sandy beach.
Morocco is situated at the very top of Northern Africa and an intense place, both of beauty and culture, and it is doubtful any solo traveller will go away without being touched by it. It has so many ancient mosques, zigzag streets of old cities which call 'souks', and very welcoming people. The natural beauty is Morocco is magnificent, but the ancient culture and religion that you will be travelling through is more incredible. Morocco is a superb destination to walk and relax, revelling in the solitude that can be found from being alone in a crowd. Morocco is a relatively inexpensive place to travel, although in the bigger cities prices begin to rival those of western countries.  This can be avoided by always staying in guesthouses rather than hotels and eating at local cafes rather than upmarket restaurants.

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